CNC machining, with tight quality control over additional finishing operations.


Polymer manufacturer, part of a global group


Zero reject rates improving profits. Project management further sub contract operation reducing costs.

A global seal manufacturer and specialist polymer engineering company based in Somerset, approached Bradon Engineering to provide subcontract machining services whilst exhibiting at a UK based manufacturing event. The component required project management of finishing processes and strict quality adherence which several local suppliers had failed to achieve. Bradon met and discussed customer requirements in detail to put forward a solution.

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The components were made from hardened steel and turned from bar on a Daewoo bar fed machining centre. They then go through two additional finishing processes (heat treatment and grinding) before inspection and delivery to the customer. The volume production and additional finishing processes created problems with local suppliers unable to manage and control quality of the finishing processes effectively. This turn led to very high reject rates impacting severely on the customer’s margins and relationship with its OEM customer.

Bradon’s ability to put together tailor made subcontract machining support packages for customers, its internal systems for managing the process and its machining expertise was the precise combination of skills required. The customer now receives a continuous supply of components to exact specification and Bradon continue to supply this component 100% defect free.

This case study highlights the need to provide both pro accurate machined components and project management services to deliver quality components and to provide the customers with added value services, reducing costs and improving performance.


Reverse engineering and rapid response rates to low volume machined components


Specialist motor racing components supplier


  • Fast response using 24 hour production capabilities
  • Off peak low volume production reducing component costs
  • Flexible production scheduling for ad hoc demand

A West Midlands based engineering consultancy chose to work with Bradon in partnership to produce a wide range of motor sport components for specialist after sales market.

The customer required a limited number of slip differential casings to be manufactured on ad hoc basis. The low production run requirements led to high unit cost with other suppliers. This forced the retail cost to exceed acceptable market levels and presented the customer with a serious supply issue. In addition to the limited and irregular orders, many of the components were not accompanied by accurate drawings or documentation for production. A supplier with a high degree of design engineering skills and flexible production facilities was a major consideration.

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At Bradon Engineering, all operators are highly skilled in the more complex turning and machining operations. Experienced engineers worked with CMM and CAD software in partnership with the customer to develop samples for approval, documenting and transferring work to 3D CAD files on a Daewoo Mvnx 540 vertical machining centre. Because Bradon can run their Midlands facility 24 hours a day: they were able to develop a short run production system to manage ad hoc orders into their busy production schedule at highly competitive prices. Response times could be as little as 5 days from order, with delivery guaranteed using Bradon’s own transportation.
The Customer has now expanded its range of products to supply more affordable specialist racing components to enthusiasts in low quantities with a rapid response.